BCP’s Disclaimer & Disclosures

BCP, LLC is a trade name that operates under BCP, LLC. BCP, LLC is not an insurance company. Its constrictive benefits are a backup plan for company/client employees. As mentioned on this website, “BCP, LLC refers to the benefits provided to company executives, and its employees”. BCP Backup Plan availability may vary from state to state and geographic area. BCP, LLC is not licensed in all states. Information and descriptions of the benefits and its services are provided solely for general informational purposes. For complete details of BCP’s services, including exclusions, limitations and restrictions, the actual backup plan or certificate should be consulted.

Information provided herein is not intended to constitute an offer to sell, nor is it a solicitation for, any product or service offered by BCP, LLC and its affiliates. BCP, LLC nor its affiliates guarantee the performance of the legal and contractual obligations of any unaffiliated Backup Plan holder.

BCP, LLC provides a Backup Plan for company employees and executives in order to ensure that, depending on the plan selected, average households bills (as defined herein) will be paid for a period of up to 6 months (up to $3000 / month) as directed by BCP, LLC in the event parties are unable to work and/or perform daily duties necessary for employment due to the following “life events” only:

  1. On-the-job injury. The client must not be able to physically work and/or perform essential job duties due to an on-the-job injury as a result of a job accident. BCP, LLC will demand all essential documents (i.e. incident reports, doctors report, detailed explanations regarding why the client is unable to perform the job duties, as well as, any other documents deemed necessary.)
  1. Being laid off. In the event the employer has laid off the client. As a result of being laid off BCP, LLC will need a letter from the employer that explains reason of being laid off. Mass layoffs of any kind are not applicable. A mass layoff is 5% or more of the total employees of an employer.
  1. Maternity leave. If an employee takes maternity leave (delivering the child and/or the first 6 months of the child raring shall constitute maternity leave.) Documentation that was provided to Human Resources (HR) at the company of employment shall also be provided to BCP’s staff. BCP, LLC also will need copies of final approval from HR to confirm that maternity leave was granted. Under these conditions, BCP, LLC will cover only 3 months of household bills.
  1. Automobile accident. If the client is injured in an automobile accident (BCP, LLC will not reward clients who were involved with felony, DUI, DWI, criminal activity and/or wreck-less driving. You must provide an official police report for all accidents) and is unable to work or perform essential job duties BCP, LLC will provide benefits. BCP, LLC will require a copy of all communication between employee and his/her doctors in order to support the activation of the benefits package.
  1. Employment Termination. If employment is terminated by employer, the employee must provided to BCP, LLC with all communication between employer and employee to show employee is no longer employed. Employees terminated for unlawful activity, including but not limited to, theft, sexual harassment, bribery, money laundering, breach of privacy, or any other illegal activity or breach of employment contract will not receive any benefit.
  1. Work Hours Are Reduced. If employer reduces the clients work hours due to decreasing business BCP, LLC will require documentation, from employer, that shows that works hours have been reduced due the business slowing down only. The workload documentation must indicate that employee went from 40 or more hours a week to less than 20 hours per week.
  1. Illness. If the employee becomes sick BCP, LLC will require the employee to provide any and all doctor reports that indicate employee is unable to work and/or perform daily job duties for a minimum of three weeks to apply for the benefit. The length of illness will serve as a factor to determine the amount and duration of the benefit. Minor illnesses, such as but not limited to the common cold, shall not be applicable.
  1. Illness in immediate family. If any of the employee’s immediate family members become sick and it becomes the responsibility of the employee to care for that individual, BCP, LLC will allow for benefits to be disbursed. The client must provide BCP, LLC with any and all doctor reports to provide proof of substantial illness for an immediate member of the employee’s family. The family member with the illness must be sick for a minimum of three weeks to apply for the benefit. The length of illness will serve as a factor to determine the amount and duration of the benefit. Minor illnesses, such as but not limited to the common cold, shall not be applicable.

Bills that are covered by BCP:

  1. Mortgage
  2. Car Payment and Car Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Home and/or Cell phone
  5. Cable / Satellite and Internet
  6. Gas
  7. Electric
  8. Water – Sewage

Please be advised that BCP, LLC will assist with a benefit only up to $3,000 of immediate household bills.  Any other bills that are not related to the client will not be applicable.

Please be advised that every case will be subject to final approval by BCP, LLC. The member of the BCP‘s plan is responsible to provide all necessary proof to BCP’s Case Inspector. In case the client fails to provide any and all documentation requested, the case will be denied. Please be advised that all the filed cases will be reviewed in a timely matter as indicated on website; cases will be reviewed within seven business days (or more due to natural or other causes). The determination of the length of benefits provided shall be based on evidence provided from the client, as well as, doctors and other entity reports. This will allow BCP, LLC to unilaterally determine the length of services provided. All decisions are final and will be notified to you by the BCP Case Inspector. All rights are reserved. Copyright 2015 BCP, LLC.

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