About BCP

Our Company

BCP, LLC was established in 2014. We are bonded. National Association of Insurance Commissioners GRANTED BCP with the best idea for Service and Products in 2014. We are a nationwide company. Our main focus is to provide company employees with impeccable customer service. We do this by assisting them with our Backup Plan program. When they experience a hardship or any major problem occurs in their lives, BCP is here.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to resolve the client’s cases within a seven business-day period.   When the economy fell and hardworking Americans were losing jobs, homes, and struggling with their bills, they lost their way of life. No company gave them immediate assistance. Changing this is BCP’s driving force. We guarantee our professionalism and services. BCP’s founder and executives have over 17 years experience in this field and they are here to serve your needs. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.   We are a company like no other. It’s time for someone to assist you when you need them the most!

An agent proving friendly backup plan service.
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